BARLAAS brings hundreds of years of rich tradition, sophistication and class to the world of luxury living.

BARLAAS has assembled a brilliant team of designers, artisans, craftsman, architects, masons and finishers from different continents to become the best of the best in bringing you ultra-luxury and opulence.

We offer services ranging from: Custom home build, estate home build, kitchen renovations, luxury basement build, luxury basement renovations, design and manufacture of luxury furniture,  supply of   authentic luxury artwork, design/build of ultra high end libraries and studies, design build of ultra high end home theaters. 

Currently based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. BARLAAS has worked in different continents to bring our customers desires and dreams to reality.

We take ‘if you build it, they will come’ and put a twist onto it, by saying ‘if you want to build it, we will come’.

At BARLAAS, we believe that customer satisfaction and providing the ‘wow’ factor are of extreme importance. We strive to achieve these goals with every project.

Allow us to help design your dream home, dream room, dream furniture, dream kitchen, whatever it may be we strive to satisfy your dreams and turn them into reality.

We welcome you to visit our model home in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada or meet with us at our offices in Mississauga.